German Linguistics

Teaching and research in the “Department of German Linguistics” is pillared by the Chair of “German Linguistics” (since 3/2014 Prof. Dr. Angelika Storrer) as well as by the director of the Institute for the German Language (IDS) in Mannheim (Prof. Dr. Henning Lobin) and the three heads of the departments "Grammar" (Prof Dr. Angelika Wöllstein), "Lexical Studies" (Prof. Dr. Stefan Engelberg), and "Pragmatics" (Prof. Dr. Arnulf Deppermann); Research and academic teaching is further complemented by additional researchers both at the Department and the IDS.

The research areas of the "Department of German Linguistics" include multi-modal analysis of texts and discourses in social media, corpus linguistics and e-lexicography. The researchers of the department are engaged in a variety of national and international research projects.

The "Department of German Linguistics" at the University of Mannheim benefits from a unique setting: By collaborating with the Mannheim Institute for the German Language, it has close ties to the central and world-leading non-university institution for the study and documentation of the contemporary usage and recent history of the German language. The IDS has over 130 researchers and over 80 research assistants allowing the "Department of German Linguistics" to offer courses on a large number of topics.

Through this co-operation the department draws on an excellent tradition of teaching and research with an international outlook. The department is able to offer degree programmes in a diverse array of fields where students have the opportunity to gain insides into various linguistic research projects and to be an active part of a leading academic community.

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